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Time to get used to working from home..some tips on how we do it at iResolve

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Due to the size and nature of the iResolve business we often operate remotely from clients and often work from our home offices. 

With the outbreak of Covid-19, most of us are now in the same boat and adjusting to the differences and challenges in comparison to working in a large office. 

Here are some ideas that work well for our team on how to keep productive and happy while working from home:

  • Timings - Keep timings the same as if heading out to the office. It remains important to keep that work life balance. Remote working can sometimes lead to extending that working day to suit time zones for example, try to keep it balanced.

  • No more commute – Instead, go for a walk, play with kids, walk the kids to school (if not self isolating obviously) everyone always wants that lost commute time back so make the most of it.

  • Dress for it - Get dressed as if heading to the office, this might not work for all but we’ve found that it helps to set the attitude and focus rather than a day in the PJs.

  • Workspace - Some may be fortunate to have a dedicated work space/office, if not, try to set up away from distractions such as the TV.

  • Breaks - Don’t bunker down for the day, still get up and about for that coffee or tea, spend 10 mins playing with the kids instead of what would have been a trip down to the coffee shop.

  • Lunchtime - Still have a lunchtime. Turn off the computer, go make lunch, go for a walk, watch the news.

  • Equipment – Get things set up properly, get the correct monitors, keyboards, mouse, printer, stationary. You’ll be surprised what you take for granted at the office. 

  • Logins – test those company logins, VPNs, Sharepoint, OneDrive etc.

  • Backups – depending on individual company IT set ups you may need to operate separated from central servers or systems. This makes it vital that you make sure you have a suitable computer backup set up. Make use of systems such as OneDrive or Dropbox rather than working off your desktop.

  • Set some rules – discuss with the family how best to manage things. What’s the plan for the day? When are telecons planned?

Get the set up, focus and attitude right you’ll be amazed how productive you can be working from home and how beneficial it can be in terms of work life balance.

Please stay safe all. Stay inside if you are feeling sick. Wash those hands. Be kind. 

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